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The China Pig Market

The China Pig Market

Source: FAS/USDA April 2008

China is the largest pig producer in the world

Grows about 50 % of the world’s pigs

Demand for more "high-value" food like pork driven by:

  • Urbanization
  • Increasing disposable income
  • Avian influenza outbreaks after which some consumers substituted pork for poultry.

Escalating pork prices

Increasing feed prices

The China Pig Price

Market Opportunities

China’s pig husbandry lacking in quality and productivity

Abundant resources committed to develop better feed additives and therapeutics

Alternatives to improve production and meat quality, e.g., probiotics, enzymes, spray-dried plasma and herbal products, are not satisfactory

Ban on β-agonists, e.g., clenbutarol and ractopamine

Ban on antibiotics for non-therapeutic use

Market gap for a safe and cost-effective way to enhance health and productivity

Projected 10% market share ?60 million doses / year


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