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Liberpro Advantage Market Milestones
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Plasmid DNA as Biotherapeutics

Safer alternative than viruses for gene therapy

Ease of administering by direct injection

Advantages over conventional vaccines:

  • Low immunogenicity, thus allowing a course of multiple treatments
  • Improved stability of the vaccine
  • Stimulation of both B & T cell responses
  • Absence of any infectious agents
  • pDNA vector cassette is highly suitable for rapid development of various vaccine targets, e.g. personalized vaccines
  • Relative ease of large scale manufacture

Quality Control of Plasmid DNA

Quality Control of Plasmid DNA Table

* In compliance with FDAs Guidance for Industry: Considerations for Plasmid DNA Vaccines for Infectious Disease Indications

Our advantage

Proven track record in plasmid manufacturing for 10 years

Proprietary technologies (patent-pending) & know-hows that reduce cost and shorten the whole production cycle

High pDNA yields (> 100 g per batch)

Our know-hows overcome the bottlenecks of common lab-scale techniques and meet all regulatory requirements

Stringent QA & QC measures guarantee quality of our plasmid DNA

Support from HKSAR government in process development

Continual improvement in manufacturing process through collaboration with the Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology

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